Confirmation of exact requirements will be by Consultation before any research commences.
Preliminary searches will be conducted, free of charge, to ensure that your project is feasible.
As all charging is based on actual number of persons traced, empty branches are not charged.
Original source documents and related indices are used wherever possible.
Copies of original material where copyright permits are included in reports.
Information from published public family trees is unverified from original matter.
No warranty or guarantee is given as to the accuracy or completeness of information.


Where necessary to get birth, death or marriage certificates I will need some of your personal details.
This is normally limited to Full name, e-mail address, date of birth and immediate family information.
This is only kept for the duration of your project then all hard copy is shredded and e-data deleted.
No information gathered during your project will be passed to third parties.
Correspondence between parties during your project will be one-to-one by e-mail or telephone.


Your project will cost £50.00 plus £0.50 per person included in your tree.
Copies of reports on CD can be in WORD 2003, WORD 2007, PDF or RTF.

A research site is currently advertising trees:
BASIC25 at £1,975 [1-4 generations / 1 family line]
STANDARD50 at £3,650 [1-6 generations / 2 family lines]
ADVANCED75 at £5,360 [Several generations / 2-3 family lines]
PREMIUM100 at £6,975 [Multiple generations / families]
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